Courtesy: Darin Smith for Congress
Courtesy: Darin Smith for Congress

Cheyenne attorney and businessman Darin Smith on Friday became the latest candidate to throw his hat in the ring for Wyoming's lone seat in congress in 2022.

Smith is the former head of the Laramie County Republican Party and served as state chair of the Foster Friess gubernatorial campaign in 2018. Friess, who finished second in the GOP primary for governor that year, is the state chair of Smith's congressional campaign, according to a post on the Darin Smith for Congress website.

Smith previously ran for congress in 2016 but was defeated in the Republican primary election that year.

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According to the campaign announcement posted on the website, Smith's priorities include the following:

1. Export Wyoming values to Washington, not the other way around. The days of allowing corrupt politicians who don’t share our world view or values to buy Wyoming elections are over.

2. Drain the deep-state swamp. Vote out shady politicians and reduce the massive bureaucracy in DC.

3. Dismantle big tech censorship. The entire First Amendment, and especially free speech, are under assault by big tech oligarchs, and it must be dealt with now.

4. Demand election integrity and a fair and audited election.

5. Restore America to a culture of life!
The seat is currently held by Rep. Liz Cheney, who has antagonized supporters of former President Donald Trump by voting to impeach him in January and continuing to criticize him in a series of statements. Cheney has not formally announced that she will run again, but she did recently say claims by Trump that she would not be a candidate next year are ''wishful thinking."
Candidates who have formally announced they are running for the seat include Wyoming Sen. Anthony Bouchard [R-Laramie County], Rep. Chuck Gray [R-Natrona County], and Marissa Joy Selvig of Fremont County, all of whom are Republicans.

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