Who wouldn't want to see Europe at a really low flight rate? If you can stick it out a few more years, you may have your chance.    Ryanair, Europe's biggest budget air carrier has announced that they want to give people the opportunity to a transatlantic air trip at dirt cheap prices, by 2020.

If Ryanair can get the details worked out with some manufacturers for an over-haul fleet, if you are near or in one of 14 American cities, you could fly to Europe for just $15 in 2020.

Right now, they are trying to get Boeing or Airbus to help out with the airlines for transport.

There is a huge demand and market from Americans and Europeans alike, to be able to travel to one country or the other. Ryanair would like to make that possible. As of now, $15 would be the basic fare, not to include taxes, food, baggage, etc.

For example, today if you were to fly out of Denver to a port in Germany, you would pay anywhere from $929 to $1577. So $15 as a starter price would be a great deal.

It's not guaranteed, so if you must fly to Europe, then go for it. However, if you can wait until 2020, you might have a great chance at a real cheap airfare.