Have you ever met s someone who just could not keep their mouth shut? Back in the days of the old west the repercussions for a big mouth were much worse than they are today. Ol' Bub, buried at Cheyenne Frontier Days, just did not know when to shut up.

The biggest mistake Bub made was mouthing off to the cook about his lousy cooking. That is only so much a man cares to hear about how bad is rice and beans is. That was Bub's big mistake.

Can you find where Ol' Bub is buried? Watch the video and then see if you can find him at CFD. If you find his grave take a selfie of yourself with it and send it to us. Glenn.Woods@TownSquareMedia.com. We'll make sure to credit you in our next story.

Remember folks, don't be a Bub.

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