You'll have to ask a professional cartoonist why they do it, but they just seem to pick on some cities and states more than others.

New York City gets a lot of attention. But then again they have earned the wrath of the sarcastic artist with the pen.

So why pick on Wyoming? Are we such an easy target?

For some reason, Garfield The Cat decided to make the case that Wyoming does not exist.

I guess we can't argue what Wyoming is an easy target when it comes to winter jokes.

Wind jokes, therefore, would be as easy as winter jokes.

Not all of these cartoons are new. Some go way back. I mean way back. Like to the Teapot Dome Scandal. It is hard to tell how many political cartoons came out of that one.

There is a submarine in the U.S. Navy named The Wyoming. Is that why this cartoonist drew a Wyoming Navy Cartoon with a submarine in it?

There are cartoons about Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz. Those are easy to find.

The best guess here is that this cartoon is about the Russian uranium deal and Wyoming's involvement.

The only cartoon we could not find was one where they were nice to Wyoming. But then again most of these cartoonists have never been here.

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