A former Cheyenne caregiver who stole over $21,000 from a man with dementia during a three-month period in 2016 was sentenced Thursday in Laramie County District Court to five years of probation.

Elizabeth Lutz pleaded guilty to exploitation of a vulnerable adult on May 10, admitting that she knew Robert Laughlin had dementia when she took him to the courthouse to have her name put on three of his vehicles.

Court records say Lutz, who began living with and caring for Laughlin after his wife died in 2012, also made 57 unauthorized transactions on his account totaling $21,101.

Judge Catherine Rogers ordered the 75-year-old Lutz to pay $44,578.84 in restitution and to get and keep a job.

If she successfully completes her probation, Lutz will be able to keep the felony conviction off her criminal record.

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