A Wyoming ranch family has launched an extremely well-produced video page on YouTube, and it is getting some attention.

It all began on a ranch in Northeast Wyoming when Erin’s stepdad began having health problems. The family, that had left the ranch for the corporate world, returned to help out. When the stepfather passed away it was all hands on deck, along with their mother Rita.

Each episode is about 1 to 15 minutes long and filled with edge of the seat viewing. Their YouTube channel chronicles the day-to-day struggle of what it is to run a ranch in the harsh climate of Wyoming. Each of the short episodes has elements of heartbreak, drama, and victory. The family kids are adorable.

In Episode 2, titled Our Story, the family explains who they are and how the unexpected passion of farming and ranching fell in their lap. Each episode is told in story form with spectacular video shots, include drone video.

Erin was a radio DJ before he had to rush home and take over the family farm.

WARNING: following their struggle can easily become addictive.



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