We here at Townsquare Media know that it is not you who forgot how to drive in snow and ice over the summer. It's always the other guy. We are sure that your driving is just fine.

Since you are such an expert driver, we need your help.

Please review this video refresher course on how to drive in winter conditions just to make sure that it is okay for those bumbling idiots out there to watch.Then save it and be ready to show it to anyone who has forgotten to drive in show and ice over the summer.

Please watch the video one more time to make sure there are not any mistakes.

Please watch is a third time and write down suggestions on what we might have missed and we will add it to the video.

Since there is no way that you are one of the lousy winter drivers out there then you are the perfect person to pass this video around to people you know, with a few pointers of your own, for those who need these important driving lessons.

We here at Townsquare Media would like to thank you, our local expert driver, for your help.

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