Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray appeared on 650AM KGAB Radio in Cheyenne to explain why he refused to comply with a Trump administration request to turn over voter information of Wyoming voters creating conflict among residents.

President Trump‘s voter fraud commission sent out a request to all 50 states to investigate voter fraud it claims occurred in the last presidential election.

Murray said he was not comfortable turning over Social Security numbers, dates of birth and felony convictions, among other details. “I want to keep our voters out of it,” he said, citing state law on what he is allowed to turn over and what requests are not allowed under state law.

After Secretary Murray left the studio the lines lit up with callers with a variety of opinions on the issue. 

A few of the callers wanted to discuss election fraud with Mr. Murray and wanted the state of Wyoming to comply with the requests.

Some made the point that most of the information requested by the Trump administration is accessible to anyone running for office. But Murray had pointed out that the administration had requested information beyond what is allowed under Wyoming law.

The callers that supported Murray's decision expressed the desire to offer what information Wyoming could, without violating the privacy rights of Wyoming voters.

Before he left the studio, while in a commercial break, Murray pointed to the law in a print out he had brought with him. Wyoming law only allows him to release certain information. He argued that he had complied with the law as written.

Of the 50 requests that went out to each state from the Trump administration, including Murray, 44 states refused to release certain types of voter information.

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