How would you like to buy some authentic, hand crafted, shot full of holes by ruff necks, Wyoming pottery? You have got to admit, it would be a unique gift. I found just the place.

A couple of years ago I interviewed an interesting, and sweet, lady who still lived in the abandon town called Jeffery City Wyoming. Recently I went back to show a friend of mine, artist and photographer Tim Mandese, a true Wyoming town gone bust.

While exploring the town we noticed a little shop, once a gas station, with open banners waving in the wind. As dumpy as it looked, we had to explore.


On his FaceBook blog Tim writes, 'Jeffery City is probably 95% abandon, due to the uranium mine closing. Across the street from the town is an old building with a hand painted sign that, being in the middle of nowhere, really catches your eye. It's the pottery shop for Byron T. Seeley. Byron pretty much lives there and works there, and living across the street from an abandon town, doesn't get many visitors. Byron's work is simply amazing. He has a unique style of pottery that he quite literally SHOOTS AT, before glazing and finishing. I really felt sorry for Byron. He admitted that living where he is, gets quite lonely. He does spend his winters in Arizona, but if you find yourself in Jeffery City Wyoming. Stop and buy a piece of this man's work! I'm going back and doing just that!'


Byron came right out and admitted that sometimes he gets so lonely, living and that old abandon town, he wishes he had a woman to share his time with. Everyone he knows has either moved away or died. At least he has a sweet old dog to keep him company.

It is worth driving out to Jeffery City to visit Byron. She sure could use a visitor or two. His pottery, which does comes with or without bullet holes, is beautiful and unique. The area around the abandon town is some of the most beautiful landscape Wyoming has to offer.

Looking for a weekend drive? Here is how you find Byron. Bring some cash and buy some pottery.