UPDATE: Here is the official release from the Casper Police Department...

On 8/5/2016 at approximately 8:45am a hostage situation took place in a downstairs office at 800 Werner Court.  It was determined that David Chavis (35yrs) was holding a man (51yrs) hostage with an edged weapon.  The building was evacuated and a perimeter set for the safety of others as law enforcement worked to resolve the situation.  The Natrona County Special Response Team (SRT) and Hostage Negotiation Team responded.  At approximately 11:55am on 8/5/2106, the suspect was taken into custody and the victim released.  The resolution was peaceful and no injuries occurred to any of the people involved. The investigation into the reasons the victim was held hostage by Chavis is still ongoing.  The District Attorney’s Office will be determining and filing of the charges on Chavis.  The victim was checked by medical personnel and reunited with his family immediately after the incident.  Chavis is currently being held at the Natrona County Detention Center. 

The release does not mention the office involved, but K2 News earlier reported it was the Attorney General's Medical Review Panel office, and the dispute was over medical records. The edged weapon was reportedly a box cutter.


UPDATE: The hostage situation has ended. Police say it has been resolved. The suspect is in custody and no one was hurt. The new video describes the outcome of the incident.

The suspect was reportedly armed with a box cutter which he held to the hostages throat.

Roger Gray and Kevin Koile contributed to this story.


UPDATE:  We have received reports that the hostage situation is in the Attorney General's office in the Aspen Court Building. It is reportedly a dispute over medical records according to one witness. The Attorney General's Medical Review Panel is headquartered in Casper.


UPDATE: We have added a video of the complete press conference with Lt. Chris Hadlock of Casper PD. The situation is ongoing.


UPDATE: Lt. Hadlock with Casper PD is now telling us that the hostage situation is in the Aspen Court Building. More information shortly.


Casper Police report there is a hostage situation ongoing at the DCI building on Werner Court, near the Ramkota Hotel.

Swat officers have entered the building and the situation is stable for the moment as negotiations continue.

Apparently there is one male with a gun and a male hostage. No word yet on what triggered the situation.

Kevin Koile - TownSquare Media
Kevin Koile - TownSquare Media

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