Cheyenne could literally be in deep pooh if residents don't stop flushing toilet paper alternatives down their toilets.

Board of Public Utilities spokeswoman Dena Egenhoff says crews are having to pull a pump every two days because of the issue.

"With the current toilet paper shortage it might be tempting to flush other paper items out of necessity, but stop and put those other items in the trash," Egenhoff said.

Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities
Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities

"Paper towels, wipes, napkins, tissues, etc. will plug the sewer lines in your home, the city’s sewer mains and pumps that carry sewage away from customers to the treatment plants," she added.

Egenhoff is asking residents to do their part in preventing sewer backups by only flushing the three "Ps" -- pee, pooh and toilet paper.

"I don't want anyone to have to wade through it," she said.


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