BLM officials say they plan to remove wild horses from a management area in northwestern Wyoming.

The Fiffteenmile Wild Horse Management Area is located roughly 35 miles northwest of Worland.

In last week's statement, BLM officials said the ideal management in the area is between 100 and 230 wild horses. However, that population is approaching 700, more than three times the ideal level.

The affected area includes parts of Washakie, Park and Big Horn counties.

Gathering operations slated to begin this fall include removing wild horses to return the population to "the low range" of the management plan. Horses that have moved beyond the management area will also be removed.

The project is necessary because wild horses do not have natural predators, the BLM said. Without being removed, water availability will be insufficient to support the population.

Horses that are removed will be available for adoption to qualified applicants. Those interested in adopting a wild horse can click here or call the national information center at 866-468-7826. Emails can be sent to

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