Black bear hunters are alerted that Wyoming’s spring black bear hunting seasons closed one half hour after sunset on Monday, June 15, in all remaining hunt areas. Registered baits need to be removed by June 22, as per regulation.

Wyoming black bear hunting regulations state:

“Registered bait sites placed in the spring and fall hunting season, including all containers and bait materials, shall be removed within seven (7) days after the close of the spring and fall season. Burial of the bait shall be specifically prohibited and shall not constitute removal of the bait.”

Wyoming has a spring and fall black bear hunting season, including 34 hunt areas, with opportunities for an archery or firearms hunt. Black bear hunting seasons close when the female mortality quota is reached in the hunt area, or on the closing day, whichever comes first. Fall archery season for black bear will reopen Sept. 1, 2015 in most hunt areas. Black bear hunters are reminded that they may only harvest one black bear per calendar year. Refer to the 2015 Black Bear Hunting Regulations for the exact opening and closing dates for each hunt area, as well as more, detailed black bear hunting regulations.