The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is warning that Black and Grizzly bears have been increasingly active in lower elevations around Cody.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department spokesman Al Langston says the best way to prevent property damages and threats to safety at home is to not attract bears. He says keep food away from bears, and store garbage in a bear-resistant container or in a sturdy building until the day of pick up.

Residents living in bear country should not feed birds when bears are active, generally April through October. Those insisting on feeding birds are encouraged to hang feeders at least 10 feet high and 4 feet away from the nearest climbing structure. Pets should be fed indoors and pet food stored properly. If a stock animal dies, move it well away from live animals or, better yet, dispose at a local landfill or other facility that accepts carcasses. Avoid planting fruit- or nut-producing trees or  shrubs. Bears are highly attracted to these plants when the fruit ripens, usually in late summer or fall.

Langston also people recreating outdoors in bear country should make a lot of noise and carry a deterrent such as commercially available bear spray.