black bears

Black Bear Hunting Seasons Close
Black bear hunters are alerted that Wyoming’s spring black bear hunting seasons closed one half hour after sunset on Monday, June 15, in all remaining hunt areas. Registered baits need to be removed by June 22, as per regulation.
Wyoming black bear hunting regulations state:
“Registered bait sites pl…
Game and Fish Urges Caution in Bear Country
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is warning that Black and Grizzly bears have been increasingly active in lower elevations around Cody.
Wyoming Game and Fish Department spokesman Al Langston says the best way to prevent property damages and threats to safety at home is to not attract bears...
Bears Emerging From Their Dens Hungry [Audio]
Doug Randall has a report on the reaction to the GOP budget cutting plan proposed by Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis). Reports of Grizzly bear tracks and black bears in a number of locations in Wyoming indicate the bears are emerging from their dens and looking for food. Click past the jump to liste…