"Is that another car up ahead? I think he's slowing down to turn. DANG IT! He's slowing me down."

That is a 'Wyoming Traffic Jam.'

Or how about, "Did he have to pick now to run those cattle down the middle of the highway?"

That's another example of a Wyoming Traffic Jam.

Here are 5 videos that better illustrate what I'm talking about.


  • 1

    Buffalo In The Road

    It's natures traffic jam. Hard to complain.

  • 2

    Time To Move The Cattle

    Sooner or later it has to be done. Can't rush these guys. They will get there in their own time.

  • 3

    When Mama Bird Moves The Kids

    Take the kids to the pond. Take the kids home. Towns in Wyoming even have lights and sighs to stop the traffic for them. Not kidding.

  • 4

    Moving Sheep

    Like a herd of soft pillows crossing the road. Unlike the cows they actually run.

  • 5

    Traffic Jam With Real Cars

    It only happened once. The entire state was one big traffic jam, which is hard to do in a state this big. It was after the eclipse of 2017.

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