Ah yes, springtime in Wyoming. Birds are back. Warmish weather suckers us outside so we can get caught far from home in a blizzard. Then, when we finally make it back into our cozy homes here comes more sunshine to sucker us out again.

Spring in Wyoming is often the time when we finally get to see what sort of damage winter brought to our streets. Flowers bloom, as do the potholes.

The next time you nash your teeth as your car slams through a pothole, try thinking about one of these jokes to see if it changes your mood.


What is the difference between a blonde and a pothole?
You swerve to miss a pothole!

I hide all my weed in a dip in the road...

I call it my pothole. (Actually this is probably a Colorado).

A reporter is standing at the edge of a cliff contemplating suicide[Long]

a reporter in a small town is standing on the edge of a cliff contemplating suicide when as he is about to jump a road worker approaches him and asks "Are you going to jump?" The reporter replies "yep, there hasn't been a story in this town for years and I'm tired of it." The road worker thinks for a moment and says "I have worked on these darned roads for twenty-five years, in the hot sun, and the cold snow with only a ten-minute lunch break. I'm tired of it, I think I'll jump with you." As the two are about to jump, a mailman drives around the corner and sees the two men about to jump. He screeches to a stop a few feet from the two men and hops out of his mail truck. He runs up to them and asks "What are you two doing?" The reporter explains their situation and the mailman decides to join the reporter and road worker as his wife had ran off with a much younger man, and they were living lavishly in Monte Carlo. Right as the three men were about to jump an office worker driving home for the day drives by and sees the men about to jump. He stops, curious as to what the men were doing. The men explain their situations and the office worker decides to join them because the promotion he had been trying to get for years had been given to his arch enemy and he had been laid off. The men begin to count down "3... 2... 1... JUMP!" On the word jump, everyone but the reporter jumped. The next days' headline read IN A SHOCKING TURN OF EVENTS THREE MEN COMMIT SUICIDE, LEAVING TOWN CUT OFF BY UNREPAIRED POTHOLES ON ONLY ACCESS ROAD AND CAUSING DEATH OF MULTIPLE PATIENTS IN THE HOSPITAL BY DELAYING DELIVERY OF CRUCIAL MEDICATION.

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