On most Thanksgivings someone has to ask, 'What are you thankful for?' Well, for 11 Cheyenne Wyoming charities and from all of the people they help they would probably answer, 'I'm thankful for Thankful Thursday.'

The numbers are in for the fall season of 2018 and it was one of the biggest ever.

The season total topped out at $161,893,00. that's an average of $14,717,00 for each of the 11 events. But if we look at which night was the biggest it would have to be Friends Of Youth Alternatives with $33,600.00 raised in one night.

All of the money raised by the good people of Cheyenne stays right here in town, helping local people in need.

Since the beginning of Thankful Thursdays the even has raised a grand total of $1,678,956,00 for local charities.

So say a thanks this Thanksgiving, to the giving people of Cheyenne Wyoming and for Thankful Thursdays.

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