A federal judge temporarily blocked the opening of the first public grizzly bear hunts in Wyoming and Idaho in more than 40 years, as he considers whether the government was wrong to lift federal protections on the animals.

But that does not mean that there is no hunting of bears in Wyoming. Just not grizzly bears, temporarily.

Wyoming Game And Fish have a handy guide for how to get a bear tag and when and were to hunt them. Black bears are still hunted. If you have never been on a hunt there are guides to help you out. 

For those who wonder what the experience is like here are some interesting videos from a few Wyoming black bear hunters.


  • 1

    Spring Hunt 2016

    Early morning hunt.

  • 2

    Wyoming Bear Hunters

    The Viking Chronicles.

  • 3

    Black Bear 2017

    Young couple with powerful guns.

  • 4

    Spring Bear Bow Hunter

    Got a bear on a turkey hunt.

  • 5

    Black Bear 2018

    They saw 2, got one.

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