It's not always easy to get family together around the holidays - or any other time, for that matter. Sometimes relatives fight.

When the argument gets physical folks will grab whatever weapon is handy. That can vary depending on the time of year.

Thanksgiving, someone might be beaten with a greasy drum stick. Maybe a bottle rocket is fired in anger on the 4th of July. Maybe someone is pelted with hard boiled eggs during Easter.

So it should be no surprise that someone in Riverton Wyoming used a Christmas tree as a weapon.

The Riverton Police Department has reported that a 31-year-old suspect assaulted another person on December 12th, around 3:45 pm at 1315 S Federal Boulevard in Riverton.

You might wonder how someone picks up a big, decorated, Christmas tree and whacks another person with it.

Well, apparently is was a small sort of Charlie Brown size tree, so that makes more sense. No injuries were sustained. Charges are pending.

I really want to be in court to hear the lawyers for and against. And especially to watch the two involved in the altercation and their facial expressions - and the judge try not to laugh.

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