Are there people in Wyoming?

To answer the question, yes. But there are a few folks out there who wonder if there really are people in Wyoming.

PrinceGazardiel posts the occasional video on YouTube as he blogs about his life. In his video Are There People In Wyoming, he drives through the state asking what might seem like a silly question those of us who live here. But for those who are from more populated states than Wyoming, that would be about 49 other states, it is a legitimate question.

That fact that Wyoming has such small town's, with populations ranging from a few thousand to as low as  1, does not help.

DaniSwiftknife posts her impressions of Buford, Wyoming, which has a population of just one person. The city limit sign alone causes many on the highway to pull over. "How is that a town?" is the usual question. "Did he elect himself mayor?"

According to Wikipedia the population density of Wyoming per square mile is just 6 people.

That's actually quite an improvement. According to the U.S. census, Wyoming's population per square mile was just 1.5 people back in the year 1910. Now they have us as high as 5.8 people per square mile.

So the question becomes, why so low a population? We have so much to offer. One answer might just be that the people of Wyoming do not want to advertise what we have here. If we did people would move here. We like our solitude.

But another possible answer comes from Rae Sanford of Casper, who posted this video [below] of why she thinks we have such a small population. In this short video, you will see her open her garage door in the middle of winter just to take out the trash. She is met with sub-zero temperatures and gusting winds.

Whatever the reasons it seems that the state of Wyoming does not seem to mind being the biggest small town in America.


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