How many people see a need, but do nothing about it? The 5th graders at Anderson Elementary School in Cheyenne did both.

If people can learn to see a need and try and do something about it at an early age, I would say they are off to a great start in life.

That's what Brooklyn Lowe and her classmates at Anderson Elementary School accomplished in Cheyenne. Brooklyn approached her grandmother and stated that there were a lot of kids in her school that were playing outside in the cold and snow and didn't have sufficient winter gloves.

When Brooklyn's grandmother asked her what she wanted to do about it, Brooklyn said she wanted to raise funds to try and get the kids some gloves. And that is exactly what she did.

After talking about it with her classmates and teachers and receiving donations from the community at B&B Computer in Cheyenne, Brooklyn and her classmates were able to raise about $1600 for good, winter gloves that would weather the snow from the little fingers and hands of her fellow classmates.

Thanks to Capital Lumber for acquiring the gloves at a discount rate and for finding them in bulk amount. The need was great, but the desire to see fellow classmates blessed with nice hats and gloves was greater and I think the result expresses that.

Because of the cheerful giving from people in the community, there were gloves left over. Brooklyn and her classmates were able to bless another school in Cheyenne with whatever they had left over.

Brooklyn said, "Cold hurts." and I think we would all agree. So this holiday season, if you have been blessed, take a lesson from some local 5th graders and Pay It Forward!