When you see a zero in a U.S. highway number it means that road runs east to west, from coast to coast. U.S. Route 20 is one of those highways according to Roadtrippers.com. It begins in Boston and ends in Oregon. Total miles from end to end equal 3,365.

A drive across U.S. 20 through Wyoming means a drive through the center of the state in two directions. Traveling east to west the highway passes through Lusk, then merges with Interstate 25 before separating again in Casper.

Part of the reason it runs longer than any other highway is because it runs the east side of Boysen State Park through some amazing lake scenery before turning up north through Thermopolis, Worland and up to Greybull, then into Montana before it turns west. Once in Idaho, the highway turns south, then west again, to avoid the Idaho mountains.

Driving U.S. highways in the more populated states, such as one might find on the east coast, means going slow. There are many populated towns, high traffic areas and traffic lights. But U.S. 20 in Wyoming means a longer trip in miles, but far less traffic and very few traffic lights and landscape that never stops changing.

If you look at a map of U.S. 20, coast to coast, it becomes apparent that it is America's longest highway because of Wyoming. Add that to our list of things to brag about.

Most travelers stick to the interstates, especially when crossing what is referred to as "Flyover Country." But it's the old highways like U.S. 20 where you will find some of the most interesting towns and scenery in the nation.


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