If the Cheyenne Rotary Club is involved, it is for a good cause.

This time someone will be murdered, right here in Cheyenne Wyoming, for a good cause. It probably won't be the first time, or the last.

Get yourself dressed up in your best old west and get yourself down to Cheyenne's Hisoric Atlas Theater. Enjoy dinner, live and silent auction, 50/50 drawings, and a cash bar. The cash bar is because we can't have an old west murder if you can't step up to the bar and bark "WHISKEY!"

At some point during the night someone will be murdered. Who will solve it? Will it be you? If you're not into solving mysteries then just play along as one of the background characters.

Tickets are on sale now for this October 6th Event at Eventbrite.com or on Facebook.

If you have questions you can e-mail Christine aliopoly@yahoo.com, or call Marci at 831-801-6049.

Proceeds go to various local community projects.

This time, the butler didn't do it. Because it's Cheyenne, we don't have butlers.



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