Most folks who work in government will confess that a lot of money is wasted. But then those same people have a hard time telling you where that waste is, and what to cut (it certainly is never in their own department).

We can start by looking at where money does not need to be spent - useless signs come to mind as a starting point.

A little over a year ago I had a conversation with Mayor Orr of Cheyenne about some useless caution signs on the city green way warning of a hill.  Anyone walking or riding a bike down that path could clearly see that they were about to head down a hill. So why did the city need to spend any money on a caution sign?

Here are a few other useless signs I've seen in Wyoming:

- A sign on a dirt road that reads "muddy when wet." I think we already knew that. Do we need one that says dusty when dry?

- "Caution, water on road during rain." Come on, this is basic physics. I could understand if the sign said, "Road May Flood", but....

- A road sign at the base of a hill in Gillette that warns us that the hill obstructs our view of what is on the other side. I'm thinking any driver knows that.

- A "Sidewalk Ends" sign when anyone walking the sidewalk can see that it clearly ends right there.

I'm also not a fan of those big lighted signs they have posted over and along-side the interstate. I have yet to see any information posted on them that I needed or did not already know.

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