A small town in Colorado has decided that they don't really need a police force.

According to a story on the KGAB website, 9News has the story on how all three officers were let go. Three. The town officials said that the 'force' was too expensive, which I can understand when they say it cost HALF of the town's entire general fund. They also stated that they had concerns about the 'level of service' being provided.

Maybe there is hope for Colorado after all.

There is a town down there that is actually thinking about saving taxpayers money, and they are actually doing it.

There are many towns in Wyoming that don't have a police force. Not one single cop. But then again those town's are so well armed they don't really have any trouble. It's also hard to be a bad guy in a small town when everyone knows everyone so everyone knows who to blame when something bad happens.

So once again Wyoming leads the way on these important issues.

Just a quick note to any criminal element that might read this and consider moving to one of those small Wyoming towns, I'd like to call your attention to the line up above that says the folks way out in those places are well armed.

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