You keep hearing that spring is here. No kidding, it is. That means hiking and mountain biking trails will soon be open.

For the daring mountain biker here are 6 of the best trails in Wyoming worth trying.


  • 1

    Teton Pass

    Some is paved but not all of it. From the top it is a white knuckle coast down with very little peddling.

  • 2

    Lithium Trail, Wilson Wyoming

    Taking ridge trails to the next level! Lithium has 4 distinct sections. The top is fast and flowy. After a short hike(or climb if you dare) the trail follows the ridge over rocks, roots, and plenty of chunk. Then it gets steeper into some champery style turns. Finally you end up near the bottom

  • 3

    Bridle Trail Casper Wyoming

    This is an uphill back road trail. Muscle is needed, and lots of water for hydration.

  • 4

    Red Canyon, Wyoming

    Mostly jeep trails in this area but plenty of hard working sweaty fun for those who love a workout with a view.

  • 5

    Glendo State Park Wyoming

    A big lake with lots of dust around it. Plenty of up and downhill with a beautiful view of the lake all the way around.

  • 6

    Curt Gowdy State Park, Wyoming

    Every turn offers something new. This park offers many challenges and ever changing views.

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