It's that time of year again. The temperature is dropping and ice if forming on the waters of Wyoming. Those who love fishing are beginning to dream about getting away from those pesky kids and the nagging spouse and --- that is to say, they are thinking of bringing home tasty fish for the loving family.

To make your trip more successful, here are 5 Wyoming Ice Fishing Tips.

1). Know the fish movements.

Most fish move to shallow water, due to lack of oxygen in deeper waters. In deep lakes, fish will go to where the food is. Temperature also affects fish so they may remain deeper where the water is slightly warmer.

2). Look for feeding frenzies.

With Walleye and Crappie tend to be more active during the 90 minutes surrounding sunup and sundown. Other fish, like Pike and Sunfish, are more active during the day. If you like night fishing, a full moon or a new moon will generally trigger more feeding.

3). So where do you drill your hole?

That's a tough question. A good idea is to drill several holes at varying depths around the structure your fishing. If you don't see any fish on your flasher or catch any fish in 15 minutes try another hole.

4). Think like a fish.

Get a map and find the structure of the lake. You are looking for points, breaks, weed lines, and underwater humps.

5). Make sure your cell phone is almost out of charge before you leave home.

That way when the people you are avoiding call to bother you, you can run out of charge while you are talking to them, thereby having a legitimate excuse of not having any place to charge your phone.

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