In the good ole' days most of the embarrassing things we did were never seen by anyone.

Who am I kidding. That is all anyone ever saw. It was the cool stuff no one was ever there to see.

These days not only is everyone watching when we do something embarrassing, but it is caught on video, posted, then goes viral. It will live on the internet until the end of time itself.

To help these embarrassed people stay embarrassed, here are 5 top Wyoming Fail Videos.


  • 1

    Golf Ball In Ditch.

    Should have just left it there.

  • 2

    When Mudding Goes Wrong

    It never looks as deep as it really is.

  • 3

    Snow Mobile Fail

    Thought he could make it. Looked easy enough.

  • 4

    Best Slacking Fails

    Slacking is a way to build up balance by trying to stand on a slack rope.

  • 5

    Guernsey Wyoming Slip & Slide Fail

    It's a long way down, end over end.

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