Right now race beds are being built to enter into Cheyenne's Big Brothers Big Sisters second annual Great Cheyenne Bed Race & Raffle. Many will enter. One will win. Others will just look good doing it. The event will be the sleeper hit of autumn.

There is serious science that goes into building the best racing bed. For those planning to enter here are five winning tips.

1). If the goal is to actually cross the finish line first then big wheels are a must. Also, don't put the fat people in the bed, they need to be pushing. Aerodynamics don't mean squat. Make sure the people pushing the bed having something firm to grab hold of and lean into.

2). There is no shame in admitting that the team is too out of shape to win. In that case, enter on creativity. Pick a good theme that will have the audience howling with laughter. Best theme is won by a public vote. Play to the audience.

3). If no one can come up with a good theme for the bed and the team is too out of shape to win then just pony up the money and raise a little more. There will be prizes for most money raised. This race, after all, is for charity.

4). Costumes of all sorts are a plus. Costumes that represent what you wear when you sleep can be funny. Funny is good. For those who sleep in their underwear or in the buff, NO. Just ... NO!

5). Make sure the bed sheets do not get caught in the wheels. That will not end well. Remember the old stick in the spokes of a bicycle tire?

The Great Cheyenne Bed Race & Raffle is set for Saturday, Oct. 7 at 12:30 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Based at 19th Street and Capitol Ave., teams will drag race on Carey Ave between 15th Street and Lincolnway. Public voting starts at 2 p.m. while racing starts at 3:30 p.m.

To become an event sponsor contact Big Brothers Big Sisters at 514-3383.

You can email catherine@wyobbbs.org for sponsor forms and questions.
Details on their Facebook page.

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