It is said that the Inuit people have a hundred different names for different kinds of snow.

Around the world, there are many different names for the different ways the wind blows. But Wyoming winds seem to have their own personalities, so why don't we have different names for the different ways Wyoming wind blows?

1). Whipity Wind - The type of wind that seems to smack your head and ears around like back in the day when you got your Aunt Martha mad and she commenced to smacking some sense into your head.

2). Fooshy Wind - This is the one that kinda surprises you. Everything seems nice then FOOSHY and you're stumbling backward. Hold your dresses down, ladies.

3). Fliphatty Gust - Just like it sounds, your hat flips off and down the street you go chasing it as it flips end over end.

4). Whiny Winds - That moaning groaning tone when the wind reaches just the right speed and pitch to make those ghostly sounds that keep you up at night.

5). Expletive Winds - When the wind is so bad you can see people cussing but you can't hear what expletives they are shouting.

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