Checking the calendar is the wrong way to know if it's spring in Wyoming. It almost never hits on the assigned date. A person must read the signs.

Here are 5 weird signs that spring has arrived in Wyoming.

1). Road construction cones are sprouting. Be careful and watch out for them. They spread like weeds. By the end of summer they are all over the darned place.

2). People are walking around in t-shirts and shorts, but they are keeping their winter cloths, including long pants and coats, in arms reach. It might turn to a blizzard at any moment.

3). The vast open prairie lands of Wyoming have turned an odd color. That color is called "green." Do not panic. It just means that the grass is growing. It will only last for a few weeks, then everything turns the usual brown again.

4). People driving these big things called "RVs" can be seen clogging up the highways. "RV" stands for "Redneck Vacation." You'll understand when you pass a few of them.

5). You had one rabbit living in your yard. He was there all winter. Suddenly there are 50. It seems like they all arrived overnight. Do not panic. You're not imagining anything. They did arrive overnight. Mama rabbit mated and gave birth, 50 times in 24 hours.

And that is how you know it's springtime in Wyoming.

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