If you are old enough to remember when gas first reached a dollar a gallon, I'd like you to look down at your shoes. See the dirt under your feet? You are older than that.

To be fair, when adjusted for inflation gas prices are actually not all that high. Looking at the national "Heat Map" of gas prices across the nation, from GasBuddy.com we can see that Wyoming prices are low to average for the nation.

But it is hard to convince people of that when all they see is the price going up and up.

When the folks out here in Wyoming see gas prices going up they begin to think of the states unusual problem of having great distances to travel for the smallest little thing.

Unusual problems bring usual solutions. Here are a few.

1). Motorcycles and ATVs are far less expensive to drive then trucks and cars.

2). Horses and fuel up almost anywhere they are parked. Just leave them enough rope to hang their heads and chew.

3). City folk car pool. Wyoming folk fit as many into the bed of the pickup as can fit.

4). Wyomingites live in small towns, if you can't walk to it you don't need it.

5). Not having to drive to buy something means money saved twice. Saved on spending at the store, saved on gas to get to the store. But if the trip is needed anyway then a long list of what will soon be needed will be made and all future shopping will be done at once so not further smaller trips will have to be made.

There you go. That is how to save money when gas prices go up.

I'm glad we had this little talk.

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