According to a story just posed on the KGAB radio website, car thefts in Cheyenne are up. After years of decline, the number of vehicles now being stolen in Cheyenne has risen to its highest level in almost a decade.

Police spokesman Officer Kevin Malatesta says 226 vehicles were stolen from Cheyenne's streets last year, 21.5 percent more than in 2017 and nearly three times the amount stolen in 2014.

Here are 5 ways to keep your car from getting stolen.

1). Make sure your car stinks. No one want to even get into a car that smells like cat litter, dog pee, and kid poop. Even old moldy food smells drive thieves away.

2). Never park next to a car that is uglier than yours. This might be a challenge some of you folks. But if your car looks like it's not worth it, it probably will be passed by.

3). Before you leave your car in the lot put fake oil stains under it and maybe let off a smoke bomb under the engine. You can get the smoke bombs at the fireworks stores near the Colorado boarder.

4). You've seen those little stick figures people put on their cars of their family. Put stick figures of the last few people who tried to steal your car, like fighter pilot aces put on their planes.

5). Buy a stick shift. Fewer and fewer people know how to drive them. Most car thieves avoid them. See proof of this in the video below.

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