Here it comes. Our Wyoming winter is piling up the snow. Out comes the shovels, in comes the back pain. There must be an easier way to do this.

Some folks will call the next 5 suggestions "life hacks." But we are just going to call them what it really is: cheating. 

1). If you live on the sunny side of the street then all you really have to do is push your shovel down the sidewalk removing enough surface show to allow the sun to do the rest. Even if the temperature is below freezing, direct sunlight will warm the exposed sidewalk enough to melt the remaining snow.

2). If you do not live on the sunny side of the street, where the winter sun shines directly on the sidewalk, move.

3). Do you have kids? You do? Then why the heck are you shoveling snow?

4). If you don't have kids then rent one by offering money to shovel your walk. Yes, you can rent kids. It's called a paying job. They will need one later in life so the experience is good for them.

5). Move to an apartment, or perhaps a ranch or cabin. Places like that look good in snow. It's stupid to try to shovel it away.

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