Record Snowstorm Pummels Buffalo
Getty Images,John Normile

Back to back arctic blasts are roaring down upon Wyoming, delivering a 1 - 2 punch just before Christmas.

Back in the day that would mean making sure there was enough wood for the fireplace and wood-stove, as well as food for both man and beast on the ranch. Getting ready for a big storm was a lot of work. But that was back in the day.

Here is your modern day Wyoming arctic blast checklist for Christmas, 2017.

1). Television and internet bill all paid up, with back up DVD's, just in case.

2). There won't be any chance to go to the store and most deliveries won't happen so stock up on essential food and drink items. Pizza, beer, wine, soda, chips and dip.

3). Extra thick fuzzy socks, fresh from the drier.

4). Toilet paper. Lots of it. Two ply. Make sure it says two ply.

5). Warm drinks like coffee, tea, hot coco, hot toddies, and extra adult libations to spike anything that does not naturally have alcohol in it.

That should about do it. You are now ready to face a devastating Wyoming cold snap in first world fashion.

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