We all have our pet peeves. But some pet peeves are more regional than others. What makes a person from California angry can be very different than something that makes a Southerner Angry. A Southerner might look at someone from New England an ask, "Why ya'll mad about that?"

Here are 5 things that make Wyomingites mad that are unique to Wyoming.

1). Two men dancing in a San Francisco parade. No one in Wyoming cares much about two men dancing. But in cowboy boots and shorts? Come on!

2). Don't ask why we need that gun. You just might get shown.

3). Wyomingites hate when people come up to them and ask, "Why do you live way out here?" It's not the question that bothers us. It's just that we were enjoying the solitude and the sounds of nature until all you folks came up and started talking in our faces. Go away.

4). Colorado makes Wyoming Angry. So does Jackson Hole. If you have to ask why you are probably one of them, so, don't ask.

5). Wyomingites hate people who move to Wyoming only to tell us how they did it back where they came from. If you think you did it so much better back there then why the heck did you leave? Do it the Wyoming way or go back.

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