Friday the 13th has been a taboo day for many, many years. They even made movies about this dreaded day. But why are people so afraid of another day on the calendar?

Here are 5 things that people have chosen not to do, whenever the 13th day of the month rolls around on a Friday.

  1. No Crossing Flatware - People keep their knives, forks and spoons straight on this day. According to the superstition, bad times are ahead for anyone who should cross a fork and a knife. Needless to say, it's not proper etiquette either.
  2. Cover Your Mirrors - This tradition has been established because it has been said, that if a dying or sick person looks at themselves in the mirror, they may see "Death" looming in the back ground of the reflection. Also, seven years of bad luck if you break one of these things.
  3. Keep The Umbrella Closed - The superstition states that it's bad luck to open an umbrella in the house or as you approach the house. Some say the superstition came from older umbrellas, that hatched down with a heavy spring which would fling open the umbrella and could catch your finger.
  4. Cover Your Mouth, Lest The Devil Enter Into It - Manners teaches us that if you're going to yawn, it's best to cover your mouth. However, superstition goes that yawning was of the devil. It was believed that when you yawned, it would give old slew foot the opportunity to enter your body and possess an individual.
  5. Stay Away From 13 - Some believe that it is unlucky to serve 13 guests at a table. They get this from the idea that Judas was the 13th guest at the last supper and he died. Some say it is also unlucky for 13 people to be in a room, as it is believed that one of them will die within the year.