The airwaves are fill with commercials. The Newspapers and internet too. Politicians running for every open office in Wyoming are traveling, speaking, and asking for your vote.

It seems that they have all figured out that if they want the Wyoming vote they need to say certain Wyoming things. That's what they think anyway. There is no telling why they think this is true.

Here are 5 things every Wyoming politician thinks that they must say in order to get your vote.

1)."I'm a conservative." Apparently this phrase must be repeated as often as possible. For some reason they think the more they say it the more you will believe it.

2). "Cut government waste." Though, lets be honest, they probably don't know what government waste looks like. They just keep adding more.

3). "Grow the economy." That is not government's job but they seem to want to make it their job. When the economy does grow it is in spite of them not because of.

4). "Create good paying jobs." Refer to #3 for the answer to this one.

5). "Lower Taxes." They do know that the word 'lower' means 'less,' right?

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