The auction for the old “Welcome to Wyoming” signs raked in $33,000 for the five signs that were auctioned off by state transportation officials.That's about $6,600 per sign.

In the past, the old signs were recycled. But why do that when there is money to be made by collectors? The money raised will go to help pay for new "Welcome To Wyoming Signs," among other things.

So what are the proud owners of these signs going to do with them? One gentleman said he was going to put it in his garage. $6,600 and he is going to put it in his garage? Surely we can think of something better.

Here are 5 uses for a “Welcome to Wyoming” sign.

1). Don't hide it in the garage. Cut them into long strips and make a garage door out of it. That way everyone sees the sign when you drop the door.

2). The ultimate Wyoming beer pong table. We are looking at you Laramie.

3). Send it to Mars. I mean, let's face it, it's kinda hard to tell the difference between the Martian landscape and Wyoming. Plus it is fun to tweak the conspiracy theorist when the first human's land on Mars and there is a “Welcome to Wyoming” sign in the picture.

4).  Put it on a back highway facing out of state. That would confuse tourist driving into Colorado, for example, wondering why they have just entered Wyoming.

5). Ship all 5 signs to Nevada, place them on various roads entering Eureka County Nevada, which is in the middle of the state. This would have people wondering how the heck they could have made such a wrong turn.

Those are our 5 suggestions. Do you have a favorite, or an idea of your own?

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