There is a theory that Wyoming is the perfect place to live if the goal is to avoid the coming zombie apocalypse. Zombies hate Wyoming, they say.

There are 5 good reasons for this theory.

1. Zombies do not do well in cold, windy weather. That leaves a lot of land to cover and a very short season for brain hunting. Just a few months really.

2. There are plenty of wild animals like wolves and bears that would be more than happy to make a meal of a lost and wondering zombie.

3. Not only are the people of Wyoming well armed and able to shoot zombies, but they can also see them coming from miles away. The governor would be handing out awards for best-confirmed distance shots.

4. Zombie hunting means no tags, no limits. Bring on the apocalypse.

5. The population of Wyoming is so spread out it makes for a long way to trudge through a lot of open empty landscape just to score a couple of brains.

Did you expect a joke about not finding any brains in Wyoming? Sorry, that's an Alabama joke. Just ask Arkansas. Kidding folks.

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