The state of Wyoming through the Governor's Mead's Endow program is looking for ways to improve the state's internet.

Wyoming mayors, like Mayor Orr of Cheyenne, are introducing programs to bring better quality internet into their towns.

Let's face it, internet here in Wyoming is kinda lame compared to most places in the country. Why is that?

Here are the 5 reasons Wyoming has such bad internet. You might as well know the truth.

1. Since most people think Wyoming is a hoax, we can probably surmise that most internet providers think no such place exists. So we can understand why they never consider us for service.

2. For the few internet providers that do serve Wyoming, realize that running a top of the line fiber optic cable hundreds of miles to service a town of 15 people is hardly worth the cost.

3. Electricity created in Wyoming leaves Wyoming to power the rest of the nation. It is not worth the time or cost to send that power all the way back here through the internet just so we can watch YouTube.

4). Colorado sucks up most of the bandwidth before it gets to us. This shows one of the many ways in which Colorado sucks.

5). Wyoming is such a big state with so little in between and the internet has such a short attention span it loses interest before it gets to us.

*This post is dedicated of Rick Roddam of 101.9 King FM who is right now in his office cussing Wyoming internet.

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