Let a dog loose in Wyoming and watch that boy sprint. Watch that tail wag. There is so much to smell, so much to track. There is so much to piddle on dog can lift it's leg a million times a day and never even get close to covering one county in it's lifetime.

Wyoming is a Dog's dream state. Here are 5 videos that prove the point.


  • 1

    It snowed again!

    A dog that loves snow loves Wyoming, for sure.

  • 2


    Just ask your dog if he wants to go for a hike. Are you kidding? This entire state is a dog park.

  • 3

    Horse Back Ridding

    No I'm not kidding. Watch the video. This dog rides a horse and loves it.

  • 4

    Rivers Lakes and Streams

    For those dogs who love to swim they love Wyoming

  • 5


    That dog don't hunt does not apply to many Wyoming dogs.

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