Here comes Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Here come the tourist.

There is a love/hate relationship with these out of townees. We party with them, we sell them stuff and take their money. We can't wait until they give us our town back. 'See you next year.'

As long as they are here, clogging out streets, why not have a little fun. No harm in a good clean prank.

1). When asked directions, smile and be has helpful as you can. Tell them to walk two blocks, make a left, and there will be a fellow there that can point out what to do next. Make sure a friend is waiting there to help them. That fellow will instruct them to go down a block and make a left turn and ask the fellow in the black hat where to go next. The fellow in the black hat will give them instructions leading back to you.

2). Try the ol' glue the silver dollar on the sidewalk trick to see how many people try to pick it up. Shoot video for YouTube.

3). If you don't convince at least one person that Jackalopes are real, you have failed as a Wyomingite.

4). If you can convince just one person to take some old dried up horse or cow poop home, you have succeeded as a Wyomingite.

5). Hand out free parking passes for places that don't need parking passes. That's always a lot of fun.

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