If you haven't noticed by now, kids can cost you cash, especially if you have a bunch of them and you'd like to go out to eat tonight. There is now some relief for you.

Cheyenne is a very "kid-friendly" town to live in, but so are some of our restaurants. Here are five restaurants in Cheyenne where your kiddos can eat for FREE!

  1. Applebee's - Each Applebee's approaches this differently. Some allow kids to eat for free and other may charge you $1. But there's still a free-bee in the mix.
  2. Denny's - A great place to get a good breakfast and on Tuesdays, between 4pm and 10 pm, kiddos can eat for FREE.
  3. Pizza Hut - Who doesn't like pizza? I know kids do and it may be a blessing for your pocket. If you weren't aware, every Tuesday, you can get up to two free personal pan pizza for kids 10 and under! That's a great deal and money in your pocket.
  4. Buffalo Wild Wings - There are free deals for kids, but each store picks which night they want to do it. It goes without saying, that you'll want to find out what night the Cheyenne restaurant is offering your kiddos "free-bees."
  5. IHOP - As far as we can tell, IHOP has, once again, brought back the ever popular "all-you-can-eat" pancakes. However, you may want to check with your local IHOP to ensure that they are participating.

Where is your favorite place to grab some free grub with the kiddo's. Like you, we like to hear about great deals, so share them with us here.