It's that time of year again. The time when Wyomingites wonder if, by the end of summer, their car will look like a golf ball full of divots. Maybe more like the moon with its many craters.

Because Wyoming is so high up those balls of ice from thunderstorms do not have far to fall down. That means they don't have a chance to melt that much before they hit the ground. That is why our hail storms are epic, compared to lower altitude states.

Here are 5 of Wyoming's most epic hail storms caught on video.

  • 1

    Grapefruit size HAIL busting out windshield near Fort Laramie, Wyoming!

    Intense video of monster hail stones shattering the windshield of a storm chasing vehicle beneath a tornado warned supercell in the Fort Laramie, WY area on June 12, 2017. This storm would go on to produce a tornado near Lingle, WY

  • 2

    Famous Hailstorm Of Pine Bluffs Wyoming

    This was one for the record books. The town took a serious hit that afternoon.

  • 3

    That's Not Snow

    Wyoming Highway fills with that looks like a foot or more of snow. It's actually hail.

  • 4

    Baseball Size Hail

    Chugwater Wyoming 06/20/2010. They even have a baseball to compare it with.

  • 5

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