Black Friday is right around the corner and we're sure you've already started thinking about what to buy for the family. Gift cards make for great stocking stuffers, especially for those who are hard to buy for. has done a survey, to see which gift cards are the most popular among consumers.

Americans are expected to spend an average of about $175 on gift cards this holiday season. Here are the top 5 cards to consider when Christmas shopping this year.

  1. Visa Gift Cards - Good for just about anything
  2. Amazon Gift Cards - For the DVD and book lover in your life
  3. American Express Gift Cards - Because we're told not to leave home without it
  4. iTunes Gift Cards - Good teen gift or the music lover in your life
  5. Walmart Gift Cards - No need for comment. Maybe they'll buy a nice pair of clothes, rather than the pajamas they go to the store in. (We can only hope).

Other popular gift cards that people buy are Target, eBay and Netflix gift cards.