With the falling dollar and the price of food and other items going up, it's not uncommon to find ourselves shopping in the dollar store. But there are some items we should avoid.  Whether it's at the end of the month or when you're short on cash, the dollar store can be a savior, of sorts. However, there are still some "buyer beware" warnings in all dollar stores.

Here are some items that you should probably never buy, no matter how financially desperate you may be, as you will just be wasting your cash.

  1. Electrical - It's Christmas time and you need one more extension cord to complete the whole circuit consisting of your tree lights, house lights and lawn ornaments. Don't buy one of those cheesy, cheap extension cords. Even The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission advises that we should stay away from power strips, extension cords and power plugs from dollar stores.
  2. Vitamins and Medicine - The potential for unknown manufactures reliability is at stake here. Even if the expiration date has not passed, you have to ask if the medications were in a humid environment and if the chemicals inside are trustworthy. It's your call on this one.
  3. Tools & Bungee Cords - So you want to save some money as you attempt to construct your new shed or garage. You may want to think twice before buying your tools or transporting building materials held down by dollar store bungee cords. If you're doing lightweight work around the house - fine. But if you plan on executing your Bob Villa skills on your new deck with dollar store tools, you'd better rethink that potential regrettable idea. Just sayin'.
  4. Children's Toys - If you just want to go through the motion's of buying something for your little lovely, then go for it. The toy will probably last a ride in the car until it gets home. Don't be surprised if you find the toy in the corner of your kids room in "inoperable status."
  5. Batteries - You're on your way to a backyard get together and you need batteries for the game your bringing. So you run to the dollar store and buy batteries there because they're cheap and accessible. What many do not know is that many of the dollar store batteries contain zinc-carbon rather than lithium or alkaline, which is why they don't last as long as batteries that do. Spend the extra money and get a good battery that will last awhile longer. You'll be glad you did.

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