I've been asking around and the following 5 items are indisputable girl scout cookie facts. No one can deny these true facts.

1). Saying no when a Girl Scout ask you to buy triggers the guilt reaction that is also linked to other human survival emotions.

2). There is no way humanly possible to buy just one box.

3). Every time you open a box of cookies you lie to yourself by saying you will just have one. Or two. Three at most. DAMMIT that one fell out of the box, with its brother. Can't put it back that's unsanitary. Now you've ripped the cellophane too far down, you'll have to eat those too. What happened to the ones you had in your hand? Strange, they are gone. Better replace them.

4). One box of Girl Scout Cookies equals one serving. Unless we are talking about your personal favorite cookie, then more boxes are needed to equal one personal serving.

5). Parents will sell more cookies for their kids then the kids will.

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