Most vacationers to any place on planet Earth stop in to see the big attractions that everyone on the planet knows about. Folks who come to Wyoming, for example, visit the Tetons and Yellowstone. Often missed are the little back road treasures that should be seen but are not that well known.

Here are 5, from Wyoming.


  • 1

    Saratoga Natural Hot Springs

    I shot this video of myself taking in a dip in the natural hot springs in Saratoga, WY. The pools are free and open to the public.

  • 2

    Ayres Natural Bridge

    It's a little surprising how many people have never seen this marvel of nature.

  • 3

    Sacagawea's Grave

    Located at Fort Washakie, WY. Maybe it is her grave. There is some controversy around if she is really buried in this spot.

  • 4

    World's Largest Elk Horn Arch

    Located in Afton, WY, you can say you drove under that.

  • 5

    Mormon Cart Visitor Center

    The gentleman who made this video thought the place was closed, at first. But it's not. Come experience how the Mormons made their way across the west.

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